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This article is about a GAP function.

INTERNAL AD: Don't have GAP but want to find the number of groups of a given order? Just type in "groups of order a" (where a is replaced by the order) and the total number of groups of the order is available as summary information near the beginning of the page, under "Statistics at a glance" -- see for instance groups of order 16


Function type

This function takes as input a positive integer and outputs a positive integer.


Nature of input Output Example inputs and corresponding outputs
A positive integer for which there is information in GAP's SmallGroup library The number of groups of order equal to the input NumberSmallGroups(8) gives output 5
NumberSmallGroups(256) gives output 56092
A positive integer for which there is no information in GAP's SmallGroup library Message: The groups of size <size> are not available. NumberSmallGroups(1024)
Something other than a positive integer NoMethodFound error NumberSmallGroups(0)

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