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This article is about a GAP function.


Function type

This function takes two inputs, the first being a list and the second being a function.


The function behaves the way "map" behaves in the context of functional programming languages: it outputs a new list where each element is obtained by applying the function to the corresponding element of the input list.

Nature of input Output
First input is a list, second input is a function New list, whose i^{th} element is obtained by applying the function to the i^{th} element of the original list.
Either of the inputs is undefined Error of the form Variable: <..> must have an assigned value at ...
First input is not a list NoMethodFound error
Second input is something but is not a function Error of the form Function Calls: <func> must be a function ...
The function given as the second input cannot be applied to the elements of the list given in the first input NoMethodFound error (or possibly usage error, depending on the nature of the issue)

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